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28 Agosto – Kilos de Fresas

the NHS Shame continues in 2009

For info on my second published work The Torch Bearer’s Exorcism; a pre-metoo work about bad relationships and finding oneself outside of a relationship.  Please do visit the webiste.

My BIO is simple enough to understand in a global age of multicultural appreciation and influence: a Spanish citizen born of Spanish and Danish parents who met in England; married in Westminster then moved to the USA.  My years of residence are divided thus so far: 20 years in Spain, 18 in the USA, 10 in different parts of the UK and the balance in the Netherlands.  

My UK experience was driven; as for so many thousands who are in economically driven exile, by the inability to make a decent living in my own country.  A situation that was bad already was made much worse by the global economic crisis.  Now the political tide is changing maybe something new is indeed afoot…  but in my case the difficulty of getting a job back home was compounded by my perceived over qualification to do most jobs but that the English did not seem to mind buuuuttt then they voted for Brexit and the whole UK experience went to shit so now I’m making a living in Holland.

Currently working on a few new literary creations so watch this space for updates on the Third Opus.