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Since coming to The Netherlands things have slowed down quite a bit…  That’s working full time in a medical device company in a foreign country while having to learn a new language for you.

While in England I coordinated a script writing workshop and contributed to the organization and successful running of an international film festival. I also designed and produced promotional materials, drafted a variety of contracts, articles and other texts.  For full details, my CV is in PDF format for you to see (old version but you get the point): 

My Writing CV

My **FULL** Work & Education CV
(does not include performance of any kind but does show all the paid or serious jobs I’ve had where I worked more that a total of 40 hours)

Links to the Universities and other schools I have obtained diplomas from over the years:

Central de Cine (Advanced Script Development Course)

Institute for Executive Development
 (IEDE = Universidad Europea de Madrid)

NIU College of Law (Northern Illinois University)

U of IL College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (University of Illinois at Urbana)

CIFESAL (Centro de Investigación y Formación de Empresas)

Mater Salvatoris (donde hicé 2º de BUP y se ve que siguen sin entrar en la edad infomática)

My High School (Alleman in Rock Island)