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This page used to be www.spanishangst.com but *sigh* technology evolves and we must adapt with the times.  You can find information about the book, performance, other bits of writing, etc. on other tabs herein.

The blog is made up of the occasional musings and contemplations of the author of Spanish Angst; a comedy written in script format.

Although fictional, the events in SPANISH ANGST are true to life and draw very heavily on the author’s personal experiences of living and trying to work in Madrid.  Over a twelve year span LLVT worked in her home town in many business sectors in positions as diverse as Marketing Manager, Waitress, PR agent for  a website, Customer Service Agent, Campaign Support Volunteer, Corporate Lawyer and consultant.  The author’s qualifications include a slew of smaller certifications that seemed to make her truly unemployable (INS Carrier Consultant, petroleum platforms crew, … take your pick).

LLVT is a Spanish citizen born of a Danish mother in Chicago, Illinois.  The author’s first comedic effort was a comic strip about her fifth grade teacher and a rat.  Perhaps this (and a very forgiving teacher) led to a merit based scholarship in the sixth grade for wordily gifted children.  Being a Spanish-English bilingual influenced her unusual verbal style almost as much as her penchant for English comedy.

Of course, the strata of meanings in those flippant Anglo works could never be fully comprehended without first hand knowledge of the *Brute*ish society.  Thus, on Monday June 11th 2007 LLVT stepped off a boat on a trip that would end in Scotland; to begin a long hard struggle to survive in the classist mire that is the UK.  After a term in Perthshire, the stress of nearly two full on years in Sunny Worthing & Brighton (working 70-80 hrs/week on average) nearly drove her to the grave.  This is not anything against the fabulous people of Worthing, but sedentary jobs can do that…

Having struggled so long in the UK to hurdle the poverty line & having seen and heard enough to inspire a second opus, LLVT produced The Torch Bearer’s Exorcism.  The second work is about bad relationships; life during and after university, female angst and becoming an adult.  (please do also visit the book’s dedicated site to read separate works of poetry and insights from LLVT: http://www.torchbearersexorcism.com/).

LLVT is now on a new «adventure» in the Netherlands; having left a post-Brexit voting British public behind her, and considering the themes for new opus (but not another book about Brexit god forbid: there are quite enough of those).

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