Harrow vs. Yorkshire

If Harrow is the ultimate expression of British education; then what country is Yorkshire in? The students of these ongoing documentaries certainly seem to speak different languages.

They exhibit drastically disparate cultural attributes and the disciplinary methods are night and day. Is it appropriate that only those whose parents can afford to spend a UK males average salary on them (remember it is about £7K more per year than that of a woman) should be provided a proper grounding for life? Or is it really just about buying a place on the team? Or being written off as minimum wage class before a child is old enough to understand they’ve been written off; and thereby withholding the education that would assist them in figuring it out?

Maybe it was a toss-up between the channels or maybe only people that can afford Sky give a toss about Harrrow. Meanwhile lowest common denominator shall always be interested in watching ill spoken shiftless and hopeless youth failing to care that they are nailing the lids on their futures before the camera. Problem is it simply depressed me to watch the yorkies, but I know that the posh boys are only genuinely half British as most brits can’t afford that school.

So the dichotomy in programming – to me – seems to actually be metaphorical of the malaise that drags Britain down every day. They think they are something they stopped being a century ago; but actually deep down because north was lost soooo long ago they are an unintelligible and unfixable mess.