The Duck

Walking by sad table after depressingly unhappy table of wretched dejected items at a rummage sale near the east coast beach, in a detached and disconcerted mood given the unwelcome stalker company of a guy I’d turned down several times hounding after me. Come upon a table with small animals: rabbits; finches; parakeets; goose, chicken, and duck chicks… I stood looking a moment and asked the peddler “do you mind if I hold one?”
“You can hold it if you buy it.”
“I don’t want to keep one; come on – just a moment?”
“5€ just to hold it for a minute? I told you I’m not taking it with me.”
(looking behind me rather than at me) “ok – go on then”
< > *sigh*
I put the duck down “Thanks” and turned to go.
“Hey, you can’t leave it, take it”
“I told you I don’t want the duck; just wanted to hold it a bit.”
“It’s paid for so you can’t leave it here” (pointing behind me)
Looking behind me; my stalker was grinningly pleased with himself and camera in hand.

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