So the anti-Europe party won 25% of the raw votes; but is only expected to win between 1 and 5 seats in the next general election? Testament either to just how entrenched in its right wing myopia the Telegraph is; or just their assuredness that the electoral law will never be amended to be fair?

At least it isn’t the BNP one might think, but too soon as the Conservatives rush to reinforce their own anti-foreigner image by avowing none should be entitled to retirement pensions… If nothing else such rosy welcoming auguries should certainly reduce the influx of overqualified (& relatively cheap) professional workers from countries where bailout and austerity has led to massive unemployment. The bailout and austerity driven by the British way of managing bank activity; their insistence they knew what they were doing when they clearly didn’t…

Could be living in a land of ever increasing xenophobia is still preferable to living on the street back home. Or maybe not.

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